High Stake Soccer IMST

Control the stress of high-pressure situations

You have 5 minutes to prepare for kicking the last penalty of the World Cup. Experience the full range of emotions of the moment as you learn to psycho-regulate your activation level to perfection. Become the best player in real-life: on the soccer field, in FIFA or in other sports and areas of life.


  • learn to gain confidence in … every area in life
  • increase motivation when things get tough
  • keep calm in moments of extreme pressure
  • deliver your best performance and score on target
  • dominate high pressure, high adrenaline situations
  • automate a winning performance routine that works for you in every situation

It’s game day in one of the biggest soccer stadiums in the world. It’s the World Cup final! After an exhausting 120 minutes, it’s up to you. Train your mind in this all or nothing situation as you hear the crowd go wild and feel the excitement of a penalty shot in the World Cup final.

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Combined Superpower

Arcletic's game-changing technology

Immersive Mental Skills Training

Breakthrough #1: We’ve combined emotional and cognitive interventions with groundbreaking tech to bring you maximum efficiency mental training. By condensing essential mental skills into 5 min immersive sessions, you can hack your way to an optimized you. Welcome to the future of mental training.

Deviceless Tracking Technology

Breakthrough #2: First we researched the “measureability” of mental performance via chest straps, Apple Watch, EKG and skin conductance. Then we came up with something entirely different: measure your mental performance with your finger on a smartphone camera!

Immersive 3D Sound

Immersive sound for immersive training: Dive into the full power of Spatial Audio technology with our high-quality audios, created with Dolby Atmos for a fully immersive 360º sound-bubble. Experience sound like never before and fall into your mental training arena.


Our unique algorithm is getting smarter with every time you use it. It tracks, evaluates, and personalizes! And because we made it a competitive game – don’t even try to cheat! Our smart algorithm will be able to detect it anyway 😉