"Train harder, not longer."

Created for people who need to achieve more. In less time.

Created for people who need to achieve more, in less time. We put 5 hours Mental Skills Training into compressed 5 min IMSTs. In Arcletic we like to say, “train harder, not longer.”

Fast-track psychology

Arcletic combines emotional and cognitive interventions with new technology. Get the keys to your mental bulldozer and build your own neuronal highways that will last, even in your most stressful situations.


When your heart rate races at 120 bpm – while still sitting on your sofa – the training is kicking in! Immersive audios, real training.


Made by using 3D Sound (incl. dynamic head tracking), our unique deviceless tracking technology, and smart training algorithms. Created by tech pioneers, to empower… whatever pioneer you are!

Live Biofeedback

The advantage in mental performance training.

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What's in it for you?

Master your mental Game

Each IMST session contains various performance psychology methods. Not in theory, but real exercise to master these mental skills.

for your

Find out more about the psychology behind in the Arcletic App.

for your


Find extra motivation, faster regeneration… and deliver on point! Especially in the few moments that decide winning or losing.


Get energy and focus on demand to master any stage performance, presentation, exam anxiety and much more. Activate peak performance for those crucial moments in your career.


Develop better anxiety regulation techniques for that daily stress, increase your skill learning speed for your hobbies and interests and direct your energy to what counts the most.

Find out more about the psychology behind the IMSTs in the Arcletic App.

Real improvements – highly effective!

Arcletic is conducting scientific studies together with the University of Vienna on the effectiveness of our technology.

It's measurable.

We bring the neuroscience lab to your phone: track your mental performance with your smartphone.

It's highly effective.

Combines the advantages of performance psychology with immersive technology, compressing effective training into 5 min sessions

It's FUN!

Mental training is exciting with us: compete against yourself or challenge your friends.

We prepare you for your biggest moments.

Arcletic’s Immersive Mental Skills Training (IMST) enhances performance at cognitive and emotional levels.

Breakthrough Technology, invented by Arcletic: We provide immersive training experiences, thereby enabling cognitive and emotional processes to synchronize easily. An absolute game-changer in the future of mental training.

Studies show our Immersive Mental Skills Training will make you smarter, more energetic, and help you achieve a better balance for a happier life.

Designed to level you up! Master your sport, own your profession, and expand your hobby. Conquer anything with the mental strength of an elite athlete.

Combined Superpower

Arcletic's game-changing technology

Immersive Mental Skills Training

Breakthrough #1: We’ve combined emotional and cognitive interventions with groundbreaking tech to bring you maximum efficiency mental training. By condensing essential mental skills into 5 min immersive sessions, you can hack your way to an optimized you. Welcome to the future of mental training.

Deviceless Tracking Technology

Breakthrough #2: First we researched the “measureability” of mental performance via chest straps, Apple Watch, EKG and skin conductance. Then we came up with something entirely different: measure your mental performance with your finger on a smartphone camera!

Immersive 3D Sound

Immersive sound for immersive training: Dive into the full power of Spatial Audio technology with our high-quality audios, created with Dolby Atmos for a fully immersive 360º sound-bubble. Experience sound like never before and fall into your mental training arena.


Our unique algorithm is getting smarter with every time you use it. It tracks, evaluates, and personalizes! And because we made it a competitive game – don’t even try to cheat! Our smart algorithm will be able to detect it anyway 😉

Elite mental training is worth a fortune!

What do Serena Williams, Elon Musk, and the Pope have in common?
They can already afford mental training worth millions to shine in their respective fields. Begin improving your mind with our fast-tracked and affordable app.

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Android! We won't leave you hanging

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