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Here at Arcletic, we research and develop highly effective performance psychology trainings . Our ethos is simple: we take what has worked in the fields of sport, business, and real-life experts, and apply them to our immersive technology. Our psychological skills training can track progress and offer biofeedback.

"Mental Training improves Performance by 15.8%"

Simonmeier (2020) Meta Analysis

The Most Effective Mental Training, Measurable on Your Smartphone

Making the mental training of world-class athletes accessible to all high performers.
For Both Professionals and Personal Growth.

In today’s frenetic world, we need to train harder, not longer. There isn’t time in the day to waste, and that’s why we’ve compressed 5 hours’ worth of mental skills training into bitesize, manageable 5-minute sessions. Perfect for the busy entrepreneur, the CEO, and executive alike.
Our team works closely with experts at the University of Vienna to constantly seek out new ways in which our mental training can be made even more effective than it is already. With the help of these scientific studies, we’ll be able to continue to innovate and improve our platform, moving forward. Because, like all high performers, we never rest on our laurels.

University of Vienna

Research & Development Parter

With mental training having been shown to improve performance by an average of 15.8%, those obstacles and barriers will become a thing of the past when you train with Arcletic. There’s a reason the world’s elite thinkers, sportspeople, and business owners get to where they do; and it’s not because they’re inherently any better, stronger or smarter. No, it’s that they know how to optimize their mental skills.
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Most Effective Mental Training.
With Live Biofeedback.

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With Arcletic’s easy-to-use app, you can access tailor-made IMSTs and mental training on the go, wherever you are. So, whether you’re on your lunch break at work, or are travelling abroad to meet a new client, there’s always time for some quick mental training. And with our app, it’s never been easier.

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Popular Trainings to try:

Immersive Psychology

IMST. Immersive Mental Skills Training.

Has your progress stagnated in recent months? Do you find your mind clouded when clarity is needed? Are the goals you set for yourself seeming further and further out of reach? If so, then you need Arcletic’s mental endurance training and mental strength exercises. If your mind is your greatest tool, then Arcletic offers the stone that keeps it sharp. 

Short (5-8 Minutes) Mental Audio Training

Compact and time-efficient training from elite sports, created for your team’s specific needs. Scientifically-backed and proven to work!

Immersive Mental Skills Training (IMST) is developed by Arcletic in partnership with the University of Vienna, as well as leading Performance Psychologists.

This short audio training combines Immersive Audio Technology with Immersive Psychology, combining cognitive intervention with strong emotions to create powerful results.

Arcletic is working with the University of Vienna on the psychology and scientific valuation. Our collaboration with world-leading experts ensures the quality of our training, as well as its scientific validity.

Immersive Technology

Live Biofeedback

First we researched the “measureability” of mental performance via chest straps, Apple Watch, EKG and skin conductance. Then we came up with something entirely different: measure your mental performance with your finger on a smartphone camera!

Live Immersive 3D Sound

Immersive sound for immersive training: Dive into the full power of Spatial Audio technology with our high-quality audios, created with Dolby Atmos for a fully immersive 360º sound-bubble. Experience sound like never before and fall into your mental training arena.

Performance Training

Partner up

What's In It For You?

Master Your Mental Game

Each IMST session contains various performance psychology methods. Not in theory, but real exercise to master these mental skills.

Real improvements – highly effective!

Arcletic is conducting scientific studies together with the University of Vienna on the effectiveness of our technology.

in collaboration with  

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