Exam Anxiety


Conquer Anxiety Before Exams

Unfortunately, exam anxiety gets the better of many people. Frequently, those most equipped to perform well fail or don’t meet expectations.

With this 7-minute audio training tool, you’ll learn how to deal with exam anxiety effectively to perform at your best. You’ll enter exams refreshed, confident, and able to recall information you’ve studied.

Replace the Fear of Failure with Confidence

Ever walked into an exam thinking failure is inevitable? These thoughts are drastically increasing the likelihood you won’t perform at your best. With this short IMST, you’ll reshape your thinking, allowing you to enter every exam feeling confident and empowered by positive thinking. You’ll be mentally preempting success.
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Exam Anxiety


Overcome Distracting Anxiety Symptoms

The physiological symptoms of exam anxiety are overwhelmingly distracting. Raised heart rate, sweaty palms, or a pit in your stomach remove your mind from focusing on the exam at hand. Relieving exam anxiety removes these symptoms, allowing you to focus on success.

A Winning Pre-Exam Routine

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. While this IMST doesn’t replace studying, it does put you in a high-performance state of mind. Throughout your studying up until you finish the exam, the small amount of time you dedicate to this audio training will transform the success of your revision and exam results.

Recall Knowledge & Information on Demand

It’s common to study endlessly, only to find yourself drawing a blank when taking an exam. You have the knowledge, so why can’t you call upon it when you need it most? The pressures of the exam are getting the better of your mind. However, immersing yourself in this audio training removes that pressure, enabling you to recall the information you’ve studied on demand.

Impactful Exam Anxiety Management

Learning how to deal with exam anxiety transforms your ability to perform under pressure. Whether you’re in school, taking your driving test, or interviewing for your dream job, removing anxiety lets your skills and knowledge shine while you perform at your peak.

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