Invincible! Dominate Your Tough Days


Use Anger as Personal Leverage for Motivation

Boost your motivation for tough tasks. Experience the motivational power of pain. Think of this training as your ace in the hole, a powerful tool reserved for days of adversity.


This short performance psychology training is backed with scientific research; it boosts your energy when you need it most. Specifically designed to forge champions in the most competitive arenas. Your hidden edge for long-lasting success.


Crafting Champions

This training has been designed for you – the high achiever. It serves as your safety net on those intense days that demand your absolute best. Understand how well pain motivates and use it to your advantage. Be among the few who turn rough days into chances for growth. This training molds winners out of challenges, making you unstoppable.

Your Secret Success Tool

This training is your unique advantage, your hidden tool for the days when you need it most. While continuous use of negative emotions can lead to burnout, this intense training is purposefully designed to make use of negative expectancies to your advantage, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth.

Evidence-Backed Approach

Turn a day of adversity into a lucky streak. Rely on new research, confirming pain as a stronger motivator than pleasure. People are sensitive to loses much more than gains. Ask yourself: What would you lose if you don’t take action? Find something that will definitely hurt you and use it to your advantage. With this training, you’ll find your personal leverage to amp up your motivation.

Channel Anger To Unlock Your Personal Leverage!

Real improvements – highly effective!

In partnership with the University of Vienna, conducting scientific studies together on the effectiveness and improving the technology.

Arcletic App

3D Audio. Biofeedback. Reminder.

Get the App to stick with your progress using reminders. The iOS App further supports 3D Audio and live Bio-Feedback via chest-strap or our device-less monitoring solution.

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