Work Motivation


Ignite Productivity with Purpose-Driven Focus

Kickstart your workday with Empower Your Workday, a 5-minute audio training designed to swiftly transition you into work mode.

Infused with the science of stress-relief, vision alignment, and smart planning, this training is your catalyst for a meaningful, highly productive day.

Whom is it for?

…professionals seeking a productivity boost
…team leaders aligning members on shared goals
…anyone transitioning from home to work mode
…individuals aspiring to infuse their work with meaning

How Does It Work?

Stress Relief & Transition to Work Mode

Ease into your workday effortlessly, as our training guides you through stress relief techniques, paving the way for a smooth transition into work mode.

Align on Vision & Team Goals

Experience the power of a united front as you align with your team’s vision, creating synergy and shared purpose.

Plan Your Workday Towards Milestones

Learn how to plan your day effectively by linking your tasks to milestones, ensuring meaningful progression.

Think Big

Expand your horizon and aim high. By thinking big, you open the door to endless possibilities and extraordinary outcomes.

Work Smart

Maximize your output by focusing on high-impact tasks and planning efficiently. This ensures that your efforts translate into tangible results.

Motivation Booster

Embrace the surge of motivation that accompanies clarity of purpose and structured planning, and make each day count.

How Often to Use it?

Utilize this audio training daily to start your workdays on a high note. A 5-minute investment at the start of your day can reap boundless rewards in productivity and fulfillment.

Why is it Different?

This performance psychology training is the first of its kind, synergizing stress-relief, purposeful alignment, smart planning, and motivational elements into a concise 5-minute audio training. It’s the ultimate productivity and meaning-enhancing package.

Real improvements – highly effective!

In partnership with the University of Vienna, conducting scientific studies together on the effectiveness and improving the technology.

Arcletic App

3D Audio. Biofeedback. Reminder.

Get the App to stick with your progress using reminders. The iOS App further supports 3D Audio and live Bio-Feedback via chest-strap or our device-less monitoring solution.

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