After Work Transition


Master Seamless Transitions to Unwind, Flourish, and Empower Your Evening Hours

Discover the art of transitioning from the workday hustle to a delightful, motivated evening with this 5-minute audio training. 

Harness the power of stress relief, reflect on accomplishments, imbibe learnings, and craft a magical evening that fuels personal growth and joy.

Whom is it for?

…Professionals seeking a tranquil transition to leisure time.
…Individuals looking to enhance personal growth post-work.
…Anyone yearning to add a sparkle of joy to their evenings.
…People aspiring to build stronger relationships through positive emotions.

How Does It Work?

Stress Relief

Our training guides you in shedding the workday hustle and embracing the calm and pleasure of the evening. Engage in stress-relief techniques that rejuvenate your senses and prepare you for an enjoyable evening.

Reflect on Accomplishments and Absorb Learnings

Develop a success habit by taking a moment to reflect on your achievements, bolstering self-esteem. Before you put away your to-dos, take stock of the day’s learnings to be carried forward.

Plan Personal Growth

Craft an evening that fosters personal growth. Whether it’s reading, a hobby, or spending time with loved ones – make it count.

Infuse Joy

Bring an exuberance to your evening that makes you feel truly alive, be it through activities or mindful relaxation.

Prime Emotions for Relationships

Engage in emotion priming to foster happiness and create enriching bonds with family and friends.

How Often to Use it?

Incorporate this audio training into your daily routine to ensure every evening is transformed into a haven of peace, growth, and joy.

Why is it Different?

This first of its kind performance psychology training uniquely blends stress relief, reflection, planning, and emotional priming into a concise 5-minute package, curating the perfect ambiance for your evening.

Elevate Your Evening – Dive In Now!

Real improvements – highly effective!

In partnership with the University of Vienna, conducting scientific studies together on the effectiveness and improving the technology.

Arcletic App

3D Audio. Biofeedback. Reminder.

Get the App to stick with your progress using reminders. The iOS App further supports 3D Audio and live Bio-Feedback via chest-strap or our device-less monitoring solution.

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