Immersive Mental Skills Training (IMST)

Prepare your mind like an elite athlete. Succeed like one.

Arcletic’s Immersive Mental Skills Training (IMST) enhances performance at cognitive, behavioural, and emotional levels.

This technology does not only boosts your confidence for high stake situations but makes you at the same time smarter, more energetic, and generally more balanced and happier in life:


Trust yourselfe

Get rid of insecurities

Grow self-efficacy

Believe in your own abilities

Decrease anxiety

Overcome your fears

Achieve your goal

Master determination

Cultivate willpower to achieve your goals

Cultivate intrinsic motivation

Stay motivated during hours, days, weeks

Rise concentration

Stay focused during decisive moments

Stimulate Creativity

Acquire creative skills


Channel energy

Feel alive, with a healthy and peaceful mind

Control emotions

Be in charge of your feelings

Set your mood

Control lows and turn them into a burst of energy



Come back stronger than ever after injury

Regulate your stress level

Get rid of stress or use it as resource


Learn how to get into a healing state

Real improvements – highly effective!

Arcletic is conducting scientific studies together with the University of Vienna on the effectiveness of our technology.

“Break your fears! Overcome your limit.”

Stefan Wimmer III.

“Is it so hard to believe that fate has greater things in store for you?”

Stefan Wimmer III.