Goal Setting Pro


Find Clarity, Meaning, & Intrinsic Motivation

Goal setting is proven to inspire growth and personal development. Unlock the motivation of an ambitious but realistic goal that aligns with your wants and needs. Do you find setting goals difficult? You’re not alone.


After months of research and testing with the University of Vienna and leading performance psychology experts, we created this nine-minute goal-setting IMST, teaching you to create goals with strong emotional ties that enable you to commit to and continue working toward them no matter what.

Setting Meaningful Goals

Dive deep and uncover what really matters to you in life. You’ll no longer be trapped by the expectations of others and meaningless goals you don’t emotionally attach to. Listening to this nine-minute immersive audio empowers you to tap into your subconscious and discover the things in life that motivate you and that you truly want to work toward.
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Goal Setting Pro


Connect With Your Goals

People lose motivation when they set goals they don’t emotionally connect with. Take nine minutes of your time to listen to this audio and feel equipped to set goals you’re going to stick to and work tirelessly to achieve and feel motivated to always push yourself to achieve.

A Tool To Use Repeatedly

Circumstances change, but the importance of goal setting doesn’t. Goal Setting PRO is perfect for rediscovering yourself, re-evaluating your goals, and forever having meaningful objectives to work towards. Whether your goals change completely or just need a tweak, this nine-minute audio will guide you down the right path.

Goal Setting You Can Commit To

Found it hard to commit to goals in the past? This nine-minute audio helps you build emotional connections, unlock the real reason why you want to achieve your goal, and empower you to leverage that emotional tie to achieve everything you aspire to.

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